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Wheel bolts must be checked before you set off, no matter how short the journey. If the wheels have been taken off for any reason, such as a service or tyre change, it is essential to check the security of the wheel bolts no more than 30 miles later . You will find many hours of online reading about caravan wheels coming off mid journey, and this one safety check could help prevent this distressing experience happen to you. Invest in a calibrated torque wrench, ensure the settings are accurate and comply with the manufacturer’s recommended settings.

Wheel bolts

Tyres – check the pressure and tread. Also look out for cuts, bulges and cracking, as it is more likely the tyre wall will deteriorate before your caravan has travelled enough miles to wear the tread to its safety limit.


Breakaway Cable . It is a legal requirement that road-going trailers exceeding 750kg must have a fully working braking system. And your breakaway cable is a critical part of that. If your caravan becomes detached from your tow vehicle, the breakaway cable must function correctly to ensure the caravan’s brakes are applied automatically.

There are two types of breakaway cable approved for use in the UK:

  • Spring Clip This is designed to hook over the towball and to clip onto itself to create a loop. DO NOT CLIP THIS TYPE OF BREAKAWAY CABLE ONTO ANY FIXED POINT.
  • Karabiner Type This style is designed to be attached to a fixed point on the tow vehicle. It does not need to be looped.


Always check that the breakaway cable does not hang so low that it will drag on the road.

Always ensure that the hitch is correctly engaged on the towball before setting off.

Breakaway Cable