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Motor Movers


Once you’ve owned a caravan with a motor mover you will never want to be without one again. No more breaking a sweat getting your caravan onto its pitch, or worrying about being watched by other campers as you make a hash of pitching your caravan…yep, we’ve all been there. And if you’re really honest, you’ve had a chuckle watching others too!

So, if you’ve bought a caravan and it’s missing a remote control solution, we can help.

We hold PurpleLine, Powrtouch and E-Move in stock but if you have a specific preference please let us know.

Specifications and their prices vary considerably, from basic manual actuator movers to more advanced automatic ones which are fully controlled from the remote handset. Automatic actuators require less physical exertion to engage the rollers on the wheels so can be a great advantage for less physically able caravanners.

Just let us know what caravan you have and we will be pleased to quote the best options.